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Companies leading the globalization of efficient energy use.

Leading company for energy sharing in the 4th industry.



It is always a challenging and enterprising company based on new ideas.

We will grow into a company that will open up new vitality in the fourth industrial energy sector and the IOT sector.

Through energy-related products, Taewanggwang products, small mobility products, and renewable energy businesses,

We will become a leading company for market growth in the new electronic energy industry.

The recycling energy industry​

A project to replace mobility batteries with regular ESS industrial batteries through the renewable energy industry


Nature, humans and energy​

An enterprise that always thinks about how to develop and use or re-commercialize the energy needed in our lives based on the environment.

Companies that implement product services that are convenient for modern humans through new product development.

An enterprise that develops energy consumption products that are not wasted through efficient energy provision.

비즈니스 브레인 스토밍

ON the basis of trust

Based on the trust between our partners and our customers, 

All employees will do their best to respond actively based on rapid and cleanliness.

We are working closely with our partners 

Make commitments with your customers a priority.

The next generation of energy leaders.

Through the battery supply industry and PACK supply, we are striving to develop more innovative and convenient products in the energy supply sector.

Also, we are supplying Camera module and LCD.

크리스마스 조명

A small lamp

Companies that grow together based on a sense of community through application in the actual industrial field by judging feasibility based on the thoughts shared and shared by each employee.

요정 불빛

Company history

Established in July 2020

2020 LG Partner has signed a supply of CELL.

2020 YJ POWER CELL Supply Contract

2020 Samsung SDI CELL Supply Contract.

2022 Moving into Anyang Startup Support Center



We are dealing with a variety of vendors. 

Representatively, there are LG Energy, Samsung SDI, etc

COIN BATTERY is supplied by Panasonic.  There are various Chinese trading lines, but after checking the production facilities and quality, we will proceed with the delivery to the customer. 

In the future, we are planning to expand the market by diversifying items.

비즈니스 미팅
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